Last updated: 23 Mar, 2022

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The time is now for us to collaborate, share and rebuild with our partners to create a fair and healthy future.

Our research is all about seeing the bigger picture in health.  

The past 2 years have seen Victorians face unprecedented challenges.From the pandemic, to climate change and environmental disasters, lives and routines have been significantly impacted. We’ve been asked to rethink the way we see health and wellbeing, and what that means for our future. Now more than ever, governments and sectors need to work together to improve the outcomes for Victorians.  

We know that while all Victorians have been impacted, some people have been challenged more than most. Increased barriers to health are a real and pressing issue, and we need to invest big and share knowledge on how we can create a more equitable Victoria.  

Our latest Impact Research Grants invite collaborative proposals that will provide insights on the health and wellbeing impact of social, cultural, ecological, commercial and digital determinants of health.  

By looking at the bigger picture, we can find evidence-based actions to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in Victoria. 


Download the VicHealth Impact Research Grant Guidelines here

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Key dates

Applications open

12.00pm Midday, Monday 14 February 2022 AEDT

Applications close

12.00pm Midday, Monday 21 March 2022 AEDT

Research is all about seeing the bigger picture in health.


What you need to know about the VicHealth Impact Research Grants

We are asking for collaborative proposals that are focused on the bigger picture, projects that will give insight on the health and wellbeing impact of social, cultural, ecological, commercial and digital determinants of health. 

The VicHealth Impact Research Grants will:

  • generate new evidence and lead to sustainable and equitable health and wellbeing outcomes for people across Victoria. 
  • provide up to $200,000 in funding per project over a maximum of 2 years, for a maximum of 5 projects.   
  • Provide funding to successful proposals in July 2022.   


What should you include in your proposal? 

We’re looking for evidence-based actions that are focused on tackling health and wellbeing inequities.   

Make sure you read through our VicHealth Impact Research Guidelines here. 

Your proposal should address at least one of the following determinants of health and wellbeing: social, cultural, ecological, commercial, or digital as well as:

Have a clear focus on addressing health and/or wellbeing inequities

  • Specify which population groups are more likely to benefit from the research
  • Work in partnerships with policy makers, practitioners, and/or communities 
  • Specify how findings will be disseminated and communicated to the public more broadly.
  • We are particularly interested in cross-disciplinary research that will lead to improvements for the Victorian community in one of the following areas: physical activity and sport, social connection and mental wellbeing, or healthy and sustainable food systems. 


Still have questions?

• If you’ve read the 2022-23 Impact Research Grant Guidelines, including relevant documents under the ‘Recommended reading’ section, and still have questions, please submit an enquiry via [email protected].

• Please note: We are unable to provide individual advice or feedback on your ideas, however, we can clarify the intention of the grant round and the outcomes it is trying to achieve.