11 Aug, 2014 Last updated: 19 Dec, 2018

A big thanks to all who took part in last Wednesday's Futures Jam for the Physical Activity Innovation Challenge with Doing Something Good.

We had 75 participants from across the sector and around the state join us for a deep dive in to trends in sport and physical activity and research in to what is driving participation in sport and physical activity in Australia.

Physical Activity Futures Jam Workshop

Shaping big ideas

We took a look at what can help shape a good idea, exploring the principles of design-led thinking and the practices of user-centred design and Lean Startup

Participants developed personas to help better understand their target market segment, discussed what assumptions they might have about their target audience, and ways they can build their knowledge and test ideas before they even spend any money on designing a new service or building a new product.

Want a quick review? You can find the Doing Something Good presentation slides for the Futures Jam on Slideshare.

Lightning talks

We had a terrific line up of speakers giving six minute Lightning Talks sharing their stories, innovative approaches and practical insights in to how we might get more Victorians active. 

Lightning Talks were also recorded on video and will be available to watch online next week. We’ll email you as soon as they're up.  

Inspiration for developing good ideas

We've compiled a list of some of our favourite resources and inspiring and practical videos to help you develop your big idea.


On our highly recommended list of TEDTalks:


Links to some of their favourite sites with the latest trends, and insights from the fields of design and innovation:

  • Trend and Tonic - providing a daily snapshot of the world's most intriguing happenings and what they mean for the marketplace tomorrow
  • Trend Watching - helping forward-thinking business professionals understand the new consumer and uncover innovation opportunities
  • Design Taxi - daily updated editorial focusing on Creativity and Innovation
  • Experientia - daily insights on user experience, experience design and people-centred innovation Audience
  • Fast Company - inspiring readers and users to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations, and create the future of business
  • Brain Pickings - a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why

Preparation for tomorrow's rapid prototype workshop

We have a big day in store for those coming to tomorrow’s Rapid Prototype workshop – we’ll be developing and testing ideas in response to the question "How might we get more Victorians active". This is your chance to play around with a few ideas and learn how you can brainstorm and test ideas collaboratively and rapidly. It will be a dynamic, practical workshop and bound to be a lot of fun.

In preparing for tomorrow's workshop: Review the market segments for our target audiences and think about what problems you’re solving for them (think pains and gains).