17 Mar, 2015 Last updated: 19 Dec, 2018

Nanna has her bags packed and is heading to Frankston to share her adventures with young and old alike.

Postcards From Nanna will arrive in Frankston on Tuesday, 31 March for a FREE performance at Frankston North Community Centre at 11.30am. The following day (Wednesday, 1 April) the show will visit the Lyrebird Community Centre at 10.30am and Frankston Library at 2.30pm.

The show is about discovering people who are not like "us", and learning to love the ways that we're different. It's a story accompanied by catchy songs and lots of dancing.

When Nanna sets out on her grand adventure around Australia in Betty the Bubble Caravan, she takes Ruby Big Dog and Pauline the Parrot along for the ride. However, she doesn’t take into account just how different they all are, and fur and feathers fly when they find themselves swept up in a series of escalating musical misadventures.

Postcards From Nanna is performed by singer and composer Andrea Rieniets (aka Cha Cha Sam) and directed by Dr Andrea Lemon (Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Arena Theatre, Terrapin Puppet Theatre).

Dr Lemon said Postcards From Nanna was the sort of show that everyone loves.

"Kids love it because there is lots of dancing and getting involved, and lots of them bring their grandparents who love it, too," Dr Lemon said. "Cha Cha Sam (Andrea Rieniets) is fantastic at working with both children and grownups – she has the capacity to make everyone feel special."

Dr Lemon said Cha Cha Sam chooses to perform in libraries where there is free access and everyone can come along and participate.

"We perform with the kids and then get the adults involved when they least expect it," she said. "Postcards from Nanna looks at diversity in a fun way that children can relate to: by telling a story about a parrot who is a bit mean and concerned only about herself; a dog who wants to eat everyone else’s food; and Nanna who is determined to have her own adventure regardless of what anyone else wants - and explore how they learn to get along.

"The children laugh and dance, while the adults get the subtleties of the story about loving the ways we are different."

VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter said at the very heart of Postcards, was an important message of embracing our differences.

"The magic continues long after the show, when we encourage the children and adults to share reflective conversations about discrimination, valuing diversity and cultural empathy," Ms Rechter said.

"The arts are a powerful way to learn more about the amazing world around us. We are proud to support Postcards From Nanna as it tours Victoria."

Jeremy Rice, Access Officer at Frankston Arts Centre, said the show would be welcomed by children and families at Frankston City Libraries.

"Frankston enjoys a very culturally diverse community, so Postcards from Nanna is sure to resonate with local audiences."

Postcards from Nanna is a partnership between Cha Cha Sam, Kids Thrive, VicHealth, Public Libraries Network Victoria, Arts Victoria, Relationships Australia, Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston City Libraries and Artistic Merit.

Frankston City Council will host the FREE Postcards from Nanna performances at 11.30am on Tuesday, 31 March at Frankston North Community Centre; 10.30am on Wednesday, 1 April at Lyrebird Community Centre and 2.30pm at Frankston Library.
Cha Cha Sam CDs and children’s instruments will be available to purchase after the shows. Online, visit www.chachasam.com.au.
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