09 Jul, 2014 Last updated: 17 Jul, 2015

CuriousWorks, in association with VicHealth, have launched the final episode in the first series of Meet+Eat; an online documentary series celebrating diversity through sharing food and sharing stories.

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CuriousWorks, in association with VicHealth, have launched the final episode in the first series of Meet+Eat; an online documentary series celebrating diversity through sharing food and sharing stories.

In ‘The Princess and the Bird’, the audience meets Maria and Helen. Helen’s family arrived in Australia from Greece in the 1960’s, after the occupation of the island village by the Italian army. Maria, a Samoan Princess was sent away from her tribe when she was a child, in order to find a better life. Through their stories, the audience is given a glimpse to the deeply personal experience of immigration. The film celebrates the immigration experience through the sharing of a cultural feast of epic Greek and Samoan proportions filled with music, laughter, dance and song.

Some praise for the film: “I want to congratulate Curious Works on the 'Meet+Eat' launch held recently at Hume. The quality of production coupled with the richness of content, will see this as an exciting tool to break down barriers and start conversations.” – Sophie Duggan

One of the highlights of the Meet+Eat program in Victoria was the music development. CuriousWorks sourced additional funding to appoint celebrated composer, David Osborne as the community Music Director/Composer. David worked closely with numerous residents, film participants, schools, families, youth groups and local professional musicians to make beautiful music. In total 80 people were involved in music production.

The results were out of this world, including a Greek opera using lyrics from the Greek family in 'Princess and the Bird'. Two Samoan folks songs were developed with the local Samoan community and has led to the creation of a Samoan community choir supported by 28+ primary school students from two local schools.

The Meet+Eat project first began in 2012 and represents CuriousWorks’ first project in Victoria, setting the stage for an intercultural dialogue and exchange within the Hume community. Meet+Eat has since gone from strength to strength engaging large numbers of the community in film production, telling stories, exchanging food recipes, public gatherings, exhibitions and online broadcasts.

At its core, Meet+Eat is about celebrating diversity. During production, CuriousWorks utilized its award-winning community model to work directly with families and community groups from two of Australia’s most culturally rich and diverse areas: Hume in Victoria and South Western Sydney in NSW – where you can walk down the main street and meet the world. Meet +Eat introduces you to the truck drivers, musicians, comedians, teachers and grandmothers of these places. Over the series, we have heard stories of immigration, identity, personal challenges and personal victories.

“My hope is people will find these film very inspirational. Not only do the films give us a deeper understanding of the human experience and what culture means to everyday people, but also quite a surprising insight into what happens behind closed doors in the local neighbourhood. These films are testimony to the facts that we can learn so much from each others stories.” Emma Macey-Storch, Creative Producer, Meet+Eat (VIC)

Meet+Eat has been distributed online since March 2014 – visit www.meeteat.com.au or the CuriousWorks Facebook page for more information. https://www.facebook.com/curiousworks Meet+Eat is an initiative of CuriousWorks, with the generous support of VicHealth, Scanlon Foundation, Arts NSW, Australia Council for the Arts and Hume City Council’s Community Grants Program.

For further information contact Vanessa Hyde: [email protected]  02 9602 9568 / 0430 032 716

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