01 Apr, 2008 Last updated: 28 Apr, 2021

Local Government health promotion modules

Why is VicHealth developing local government modules? 

VicHealth is partnering with Victorian councils to set our kids up for their best possible future by creating communities where children and young people grow up active, socially connected and healthy.  

The local government health promotion modules provide evidence-based health promotion guidance specific to the creation of council policies, programs and processes for lasting healthy changes in the community.

The modules will help councils inspire, learn and collaborate with each other, experts and young people from their community. By partnering with councils in this way we will see more young Victorians starting out with the best chance for a healthy future.  

Overview of modules 

The health promotion modules are toolkits that consolidate best-practice methodology, evidence and case studies to inform the planning and implementation of enhanced, equitable health policy, and practice changes tailored to councils. 

Together with councils and expert partners, VicHealth’s Local Government Partnership will bring together research and experience to inform impact streams and key actions. These will provide specific policy and practice changes for councils to embed to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in Victoria. The modules provide theoretical and practical guidance on the implementation of key actions. 

The modules will cover key impact streams for councils to focus on, and state implementation actions that evidence shows is required to achieve those impacts. Councils undertaking Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing planning can view the list of modules below. This includes details of the modules’ impact streams and implementation actions which can guide councils in their planning.  

In September 2021, the full launch of the health promotion modules will provide councils with detailed recommended interventions to assist in achieving the implementation actions. Recommended interventions will include options to suit councils and communities of varying sizes and capacities – from councils activating a particular impact stream for the first time through to councils ready to take up ambitious systems-level change. 


Foundation modules

Foundation modules provide the basic building blocks to develop staff capabilities and skills in systems-based thinking and the inclusion of children and young people-led engagement and planning.  

Foundation modules are currently targeted at our fast-track councils. Versions that support general council planning will be available in the future.

Core Modules 

Core modules provide the best practice policy and implementation guidance for councils in 3 priority areas to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people: 

  • Building active communities 
  • Creating connected and supportive communities 
  • Building better food systems for healthier communities 

These modules are core for councils to address in order to create communities where children and young people can grow up healthy and socially connected. 

Core modules will be available in August 2021. All fast-track Councils will be required to undertake each core module and execute all impact streams and implementation actions. 

Councils who are not part of the VicHealth Local Government Partnership are welcome to use the modules in their planning and implementation of their MPHW Plans. If you are a council who would like to participate in the Communities of Practice associated with each module, please get in touch: [email protected].

Graphic outlining core modules

Graphic outlining additional core module


Stretch Modules

Stretch modules provide guidance to councils who want to stretch beyond the core health and wellbeing topics for children and young people. Stretch modules can also be completed in isolation. Stretch modules focus on: 

  • Strengthening tobacco control at a local level 
  • Increasing alcohol harm prevention at a local level 
  • Promoting everyday creativity at a local level 

Stretch modules will be available in September 2021.  

Graphic outlining stretch modules

   Graphic outlining additional stretch modules

All Victorian councils are welcome to use the modules in their planning and implementation of their MPHWP 2021-25. 

Communities of practice will provide support to Victorian councils working through the health promotion modules. Further details will be provided on this page as the modules are launched in September 2021. Council staff interested in finding out more about the health promotion modules and participating in the communities of practice can get in touch with our team at [email protected]