01 Apr, 2008 Last updated: 21 Jul, 2015

This document provides data on the key influences on health (such as work, education, housing and community infrastructure), how these influences impact on health and how access to these influences is inequitable.

Download: Research Summary: Key influences on health inequalities (117KB)

VicHealth has identified tackling health inequalities as an overarching theme of our Strategic Priorities 2006–2009. VicHealth seeks to improve the health of all Victorians but targets activities towards: disadvantaged areas, lower socioeconomic groups, Indigenous and refugee communities, people with disabilities, and disadvantaged children and young people.

This document presents some recent research related to health inequalities with a focus on:

  1. Inequitable burden of disease internationally, nationally and in Victoria.
  2. Cost of health inequalities for society, families and individuals.
  3. The effect of health inequalities on specific populations.

Data has been drawn from evidence reviews and independent studies. This is one of two research summaries on health inequalities. The other summary has a focus on the burden of disease due to health inequalities.